DUI Charges / Driver's License Reinstatement / Alcohol Offenses

Do not take any traffic violation for granted no matter how small it is. Minor charges can cause bigger implications on your job, your loans and importantly your future.

We at Kupisch & Carbon, Ltd. offer comprehensive legal services for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) offenses. Get back on the road as soon as possible with our driver’s license reinstatement assistance. With the help of our trusted attorneys, we will make sure that our clients do not receive harsh or unfair penalties from any traffic and/or alcohol offenses.

We handle a wide range of traffic-related cases

Trust Kupisch & Carbon, Ltd.’s over 30 years of experience in protecting every client’s rights. When facing a DUI charge or any traffic violation, you need to get in touch with experienced and reliable attorneys that can formulate the best defense strategy against your case. Let us help in minimizing or dismissing completely the impact of the charges to various aspects of your life.

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