Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Rights

For homeowners and businesses who are looking into purchasing or selling their real estate properties, depend on the decades of expertise of Kupisch & Carbon, Ltd. when handling property rights and real estate law concerns.

We take pride in advocating the best interests of families who plan on buying or renting a home. From small businesses acquiring storefront properties to those who want to lease big establishments like warehouses and shopping centers, we are ready to assist them with their commercial real estate purchase and lease needs. We represent both landlords and tenants in all transactions.

1031 exchanges done the right way

Regarding taxes, do you want to know if 1031 exchange is the right choice for you and your real estate property? The knowledgeable attorneys from Kupisch & Carbon, Ltd. will guide you throughout the process of attaining the benefits of 1031 exchange.

Take advantage of deferring capital gains taxes and related federal income tax liability when you deal with properties on sale. We will make sure that you do not encounter any challenges and confusion during tax season.

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