Steven C. Carbon has been a trial and transactional attorney since 1986 and is a long-standing principle in the Kupisch & Carbon, Ltd. law firm. He graduated from the University of Arizona business school in 1980, and in 1986 graduated from John Marshall Law School. He has probably litigated over 1,000 criminal and civil trials. Closed thousands of real estate transactions, negotiated thousands of contracts, incorporated or started up and represented thousands of corporations, limited liability companies (LLC's), partnerships and businesses, and prepared thousands of wills and trusts.

Mr. Carbon's litigation experience gives him an aggressive approach and performance, and his transactional and estate experience give him an empathetic feel for clients. Mr. Carbon is comfortable in the courtroom, the boardroom, criminal court and civil court. Aggressiveness, determination, discipline, persistence, hard work and accessibility are his long standing traits.

Steven C. Carbon has represented many clients with their first traffic ticket, DUI or criminal matters. He is well versed in civil litigation, major real estate acquisitions, and establishing and keeping their businesses and estates in order, and all points in between.

Mr. Carbon treats each client with focused attention, skill, diligence and expertise to accomplish their goals and prevent or solve problems. Often this results in lifelong client relationships.

The International Lions Club awarded Steven Carbon the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for his extensive contributions to the Lions Club and the community. This high form of recognition embodies humanitarianism and exemplary service to their club and their community.

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